We Give You 5 Reasons to Hire Adeline

Are you looking for your next Marketing Manager? Are you on the hunt for the right candidate to complement your team and implement inbound marketing strategies to grow your business?

There are a plethora of marketers out there, and choosing the right one can be challenging. Let us introduce you to Adeline.

1. HubSpot has no secret for her

Adeline used to work as a Customer Support Specialist between 2017 and 2018 at one of the best companies ever: HubSpot. She learnt so much during this experience! From getting her inbound certification, to the basics of HTML and CSS, to customer service… she thrived in an environment where she got to use her problem-solving skills to help customers grow.

Later on, Adeline worked as a freelancer with HubSpot customers. Her knowledge of the tool was a huge advantage against her competitors. She provided services centred around social media initially but quickly pivoted to a more comprehensive approach including advice, recommendation and support around HubSpot and inbound marketing.

2. She can run… mostly meetings

Speaking in front of an audience is a familiar activity for Adeline. From business school’s many presentations, to running new hire training at HubSpot, to presenting strategies in front of 20 stakeholders, public speaking is a challenge she loves to overcome.

Adeline knows that the key to a successful presentation or meeting is preparation. That’s why, throughout her various experiences, she’s worked hard to develop her organisational and time management skills, gaining confidence in her abilities along the years.

Her secret tip? Check out this great TED Talk “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are”.

3. She’s social

With experiences as a Marketing & Comms Officer, a Social Media Specialist in a marketing agency, a freelancer and now a Digital Marketing & Fundraising Officer, Adeline was able to develop and hone her social media skills. She’s created organic and advertising strategies for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn mostly, while developing content calendars and ad plans.

For which industry?” You ask. Whether they were B2B or B2C, her clients were various: hospitality, non-for-profits, SaaS start-ups, spirits, real estate, healthcare and more.

4. “Somehow I manage”

Adeline had the chance to manage a small team of 3 people during her time at the Alliance Française de Canberra. Working with the Event, Communication and Culture assistants, she tried her best to apply to her team the principles she’d learn from her own manager at HubSpot.

The first question she’d ask them? “How do you like to be managed?” There’s no “one size fits all” and she believes a good manager should show trust, support and guidance to their team in order for them to feel empowered. This translates to individual 1:1 catch ups, where anything can be discussed from concerns at work to more casual, informal conversations, team meetings and team building activities.

5. She can be cool (sometimes)

While she can find herself writing blog posts in the third-person, she’s actually not so bad.

Adeline cares deeply about company values and culture, especially after having worked for HubSpot, being recognised as a “Great Place To Work”. She brings to a team her international experiences, her weird French expressions, and her expertise in GIFs and memes.

And beware, she could talk for hours about Star Wars (not the sequels!), DC Comics, Marvel, the Witcher…

Feeling like she could be a good fit? You can send her an email at this address or give a call at this number. She’s looking forward to hearing from you and would love to be given the opportunity of an interview.